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Focusing on the world itself; we all live here, we should know how it works, who inhabits it and the way they manage their environment.

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The British German Association’s Youthbridge Project

The languages department has been recognised as a beacon centre for the promotion of German, through its innovative approach and lively style. Working with Youthbridge, the school hopes to encourage its students to study German to GCSE and A-level. 

Max-von-Laue-Gymnasium, Koblenz, Germany

MvLG has been our partner school in Germany for over a decade with our pupil exchange programme running annually with pupils spending 10 days in Germany during October whilst the German pupils come to the UK in April. It is a grammar school in the centre of Koblenz with approximately 970 pupils and 73 teachers and specialisms in maths and science. We feel very lucky to have maintained our exchange whilst other British schools have lost similar trips with our programme now seen as an example of best practice in the county. We are currently also developing penfriend links with classes in the school to increase the connection between our schools.

Anne-Frank Gemeinschaftsschule, Elmshorn, Germany

We are visited every year by the pupils of the Anne-Frank Gemeinschaftsschule as part of their week-long trip to the UK. They spend one day at Homewood and accompany pupils to their lessons to experience the differences between the British and German school systems. Friendships are often formed on the day of their visit and our pupils benefit simply from meeting a German-speaker for the first time.

Chongqing Tsinghua High School, Chongqing, China

For many years, our partner school in China sent a teacher to work at Homewood and help us establish Chinese as a subject in the school. We now have penfriend links with pupils in the school and are developing even greater contact as Chinese GCSE grows in our school. The school is built around a large lake and has in the region of 4000 pupils. In the past, pupils from Homewood have visited our friends in Chongqing.

Collège St Viateur, Amplepuis, France

Students from this school visit our pupils at Homewood to gain a taste of British school life and to take part in joint activities which further our pupils’ confidence and knowledge of French, whilst helping their French colleagues to learn some English.

College Vauban, Calais, France

We have been visited annually by our Calais partner school for many years to allow their students to take part in joint activities with our pupils in Key Stage 4. We have also been to see them at their school in the past and have also completed penfriend activities.

Lycée Notre Dame, Dijon, France

We are very pleased to have so many schools that come and visit our pupils throughout the school year and Lycée Notre Dame are another! Pupils from the school come to the UK every year and visit Homewood for the day.