Year 7 History Resources

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Focusing on the world itself; we all live here, we should know how it works, who inhabits it and the way they manage their environment.

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Term 1 - Conquest: 1066

This topic introduces the study of history through the Norman conquest in 1066. Students look undertake an enquiry into why William won the battle of Hastings. The battle is re-enacted within the TOTaL curriculum end task and students have the opportunity to experience the battle dressed as a Norman or Saxon.

Term 2 - Environment: The Black Death

This topic is an in-depth study of The Black Death during the medieval period. Students look at what people caused the Black Death, the symptoms and cures. Students write a story which they add to week by week and improve on through their personal learning time via the i-pad.

Term 3 - Dimensions: The Tudors

This module enables students to work on their source analysis skills as they find out Henry VIII’s problems and why he closed the monasteries. A case study of Elizabeth I is undertaken during personalised learning time via the i-pad.

Term 4 - Revolution: Mini cases studies in revolutionary times in Britain

Students study a series of revolutionary times, looking for links and changes through time. The four topics are introduced as mini mysteries for students to unravel. The topics covered are the Peasants Revolt, Peterloo Massacres, Guy Fawkes and the English Civil war.

Term 5 - Freedom: Slavery

This topic looks at the slave triangle, the middle passage, auctions and plantation life for slaves.