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Focusing on the world itself; we all live here, we should know how it works, who inhabits it and the way they manage their environment.

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ERS stands for Ethical and Religious Studies. This is what is normally called Religious Education or Religious Studies in most schools. However at Homewood we have chosen to use a name that better reflects what we do here. As a department we study a wide and varied range of ethical and moral topics across Key Stage three. This makes the subject highly relevant to students and modern life. Students are encouraged to engage fully in lessons and develop their own ideas and beliefs in response to often difficult moral and ethical questions.

At Key Stage 4 students will only study ERS if they choose the GCSE as one of their options. We run the course over three years, with exams in the third year. The ERS GCSE follows the Edexcel GCSE in Religious Studies where we study Religion and Life from the perspective of Christianity and Religion and Society from the perspectives of Christianity and other major world religions. In addition students complete an extended project in an area that interests them.

In the Sixth Form students can opt to study ERS as an AS or A’ level. We follow the Edexcel course in Philosophy and Ethics as well as offering the option of completing an extended project at level three.

In addition to the curriculum, the department runs regular trips and visits to supplement and enhance learning and understanding as well as for cultural experience. Over the last few years this has included visits to Rome, Auschwitz, Prague, Verona, Venice, Budapest, Marrakesh and Krakow, as well as regular day trips to London and Canterbury.