Sixth Form - Teach Early

Teach Early Review 2015/16

This year the Teach Early students have been involved in a wide range of experiences and activities:

Working With Others – the group planned and run a series of workshops at St Mildreds Church as part of the TRA Celebration of Learning Day, they decorated biscuits, and flags and helped the children write letters to the Queen. This was a great introduction to teaching for the students as they were able work as a team and learn from each other.

Improving own learning and Performance – The students planned and delivered a “micro lesson” to each other at the start of the course their chosen topics ranged from Computers to Donkeys and the activities enabled them to set targets for their ongoing improvements and teaching. They then spent the year Improving their teaching abilities through work experience in Primary schools, reading groups, helping in curriculum areas around school such as History, ICT, Geography and Art. They carried out research and observed experienced teachers.

Problem Solving – Were given a £5 budget to work through a problem, the problems ranged from encouraging reluctant readers to supporting the learning of a whole class. The students were very creative in the activities, resources and rewards that they created and used their budgets very effectively.

Discussion – The students each researched an element Higher Education and routes into teaching, they bought their findings to a discussion whereby they shared their findings. Many questions were asked and ideas exchanged the discussion was informative and constructive with the students leaving feeling better informed about their future decisions.

Research – Each student set and researched a question of their choosing, these tackled education questions and issues such as a comparison of State and Private education, how SEN can be supported in classrooms and how education here compared to other countries. The students used primary and secondary sources to support their work and were able to draw interesting conclusions.

Oral Presentation – In order to evidence their progress over the course of the year, the students each planned and delivered a short lesson to a whole class, the classes were in Geography, History, Art and ICT. The students bravely took on the challenge and left their classes and staff impressed at the confidence and quality of planning.

The group now have a well evidenced portfolio of evidence to show for their year, this will support applications for posts in schools and teacher training courses. Their portfolios will be moderated in July and the students should be awarded an ASDAN Level 3 Certificate in Personal Effectiveness.