Homewood School 6th Form Provision

We are a full range comprehensive school and the curriculum is at the heart of our strategy to maximise both the opportunities and achievements of our learners. It should provide a broadly based, relevant and balanced framework that is coherent and that presents clear pathways to stimulate lifelong learning for all students. Our intention is to provide the best set of personalised learning opportunities; that can address the needs of all learners. The curriculum is a reflection of our ethos and a realisation of our aims and objectives.

In order to personalise the learning experience for our students we have developed a number of unique curriculum characteristics at Homewood including a two year Key Stage 3, a wide variety of choices at Key Stage 4 beginning in Year 9, with courses that run over three years and which lead students along pathways that take them into a Post 16 Curriculum where they can commence a programme of Level 2 and or Level 3 courses in Year 12 appropriate to their individual needs. These innovations have enabled the creation of wider opportunities including Vocational and Applied courses as well as allowing students to follow flexible individual accreditation pathways. The Vertical Curriculum in Key Stage 5 has enabled even greater flexibility of course selection, progression and personalisation of learning experiences.

There is no separate entry requirement to join the Homewood School Sixth Form College; however each course has its own requirement. When students join Key Stage 5 in Year 12 they can choose subjects from up to 4 Options Blocks and are guided towards one of the following Pathways:

Which Pathway?


Advanced extended

(4 AS Courses)

8 A*- B Including English and Maths


(3/4 AS and or Level 3)

5 A*- C Including English and Maths

Advanced Applied

(3/4 Mix BTEC/AS)

5 A* - C Including English and Maths

Widening Careers


5 A* - D Including English and Maths (GCSE pathways are available for students with grades below D)

Step Ahead

Mix of Level 1 Certificate courses

Specific requirements (individual tailored courses)

In general we are usually only able to offer well subscribed courses due to funding restrictions but in the case of some A levels e.g. Modern Foreign Languages, these courses would always be offered even with small numbers to provide the best opportunities to our learners.

 Students have been able to choose a mixture of Level 2 and Level 3 courses from the offer list below:

Acting L3 BTEC

Animal Management L3 BTEC

Applied Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) L3 BTEC

Art GCSE, AS, A Level

Beauty Therapy – Massage L3 VRQ

Beauty Services – VTCT VRQ Level 2 Diploma

Biology AS, A Level

Business GCSE, L2 BTEC, L3 BTEC, AS, A Level

Catering and Hospitality Level1 City and Guilds Diploma, Level 2 BTEC, Level 3 BTEC

Ceramics GCSE, AS, A Level

Chemistry AS, A Level

Child Development and Care L2 BTEC

Children’s Play, Learning and Development L3 BTEC

Computer Science AS, A Level

Construction and the Built Environment L1, L2 BTEC

Creative Writing – AS and A Level

Customer Services L2 BTEC, L3 BTEC

Dance L3 BTEC, AS, A Level

English Language GCSE

English Language and Literature AS, A Level

English Literature AS, A Level

Extended Project Qualification L3

Film Studies GCSE, AS, A Level

French GCSE, AS, A Level

Geography AS, A Level

German AS, A Level

Graphic Design GCSE, AS, A Level

Health and Social Care GCSE, L3 BTEC, A Level

Health and Social Care Full Time Diploma

History AS, A Level

International Baccalaureate Careers Related Certificate

Information Creative Technology L1, L2 BTEC

Information Technology L3 BTEC

Leisure and Tourism GCSE

Mathematics GCSE, AS, A Level

Mathematics and Further Mathematics AS

Certificate in Financial Studies (CEFS) AS Level

Diploma in Financial Studies (DIPFS) A2 Level

Media Studies AS, A Level

Music L3 BTEC, AS

NCFE Extended Diploma in Music Performance L3 NCFE

Music Technology L3 BTEC

Photography GCSE, AS, A Level

Physical Education AS, A Level

Physics AS, A Level

Product Design AS, A Level

Psychology GCSE, AS Level, A Level

Public Services (Social)  L2 BTEC, L3 BTEC

Public Services (Fitness) L3 BTEC

Religious Studies: Philosophy and Ethics AS, A Level

Sociology AS, A Level

Spanish GCSE

Sport L2 BTEC, L3 BTEC

Teach Early ASDAN L3 CoPE

Textiles GCSE, AS, A Level

Theatre Studies AS, A Level

Travel and Tourism AS, A Level

Triple Science GCSE

World Development AS, A Level

Skills for Working Life (a course which taken by invitation only from the SEN Department)

Predicted Grades

Students’ predicted grades are arrived at using a combination of factors:

  • GCSE average points score
  • ALPS
  • Regular Internal assessment

Our full prospectus can be seen on http://sixthform.homewood-school.co.uk/