Sixth Form Mentors

In the autumn term, many sixth form students were trained in how to mentor younger students who might be feeling upset or anxious in school. Some younger students may be experiencing friendship troubles, or just generally struggling to settle into school. Perhaps some older students would just benefit from an impartial friend, or someone to talk to. Sixth form mentors can now fill that gap, offering a friendly smile and impartial ear to their mentee, as well as any other student who might need their help around the school.

Sixth form mentors have also been dispatched to some classes, where they support students who might need a friendly face in a classroom situation, too. Many students in these supported classes really appreciate an older student being there to listen to them and help them, especially in situations where group work is important.

Next year, sixth form mentors will also begin to mentor younger students academically, helping with their school work.

For more information about sixth form mentors, or if you would like to be considered to become a sixth form mentor next year, please contact Miss Kaikkonen. (