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Technology is part of our daily lives and increasingly how we work, learn and communicate with each other, and is greatly influenced by the systems, applications and processes we deliver.... We understand that all our users lead busy lifestyles and may not have the time to spend implementing and supporting their technology. With this in mind, we strive to be the best in what we do, every time we do it, for everyone we do it for.

Opening Times

Monday - Thursday 08:30 - 16:30 & Friday 8:30 - 16:00 The Service Centre offers 'Technology Support' for Staff, Students and Parents before, during and after school.

Service Centre Services

Our fully qualified engineers are able to service, upgrade or repair most desktops and laptops for parents, students and the community. All repairs are performed on-site within our fully equipped Service Centre, we hope to provide a service above and beyond those you'll find in retail outlets elsewhere in the area. Keeping costs and repair time low is a priority, and as such we hope to repair all devices - as long as we have required hardware components in stock - within five days.

  • Laptop and Netbook Hardware support, upgrade and repair services
  • Desktop Hardware support, upgrade and repair services
  • Laptop and Notebook Software support, upgrade and restore services
  • Desktop Software support, upgrade and restore services
  • Internet Access configuration
  • System Security and Data Protection Advice

Please drop in or call to find out more!

Service Centre Supported Technologies

  • Toshiba - a world leader and innovator in high technology mobile PC devices
  • Canon - a world leader in imaging solutions and products
  • HP - a technology provider, where reliabilty of network products meet to solve real problems
  • Aruba Networks - a global provider of secure wireless mobility solutions, ideally suited to our large scale deployment
  • Lenel - a global provider of integrated security solutions
  • CHIPS - a market leader in swipe card based EPOS systems
  • Apple - the global provider of all things Mac
  • Microsoft - a global software provider helping people to realize their full potential

Taking care of your laptop

Always Never
  • Carry your laptop in a suitable laptop case
  • Ensure all liquids and food are kept away from your laptop
  • Hold and lift your laptop by its base
  • Plug accessories into their proper slots at the correct angle
  • Be aware of health & safety requirements to ensure your laptop cables are not in walkways
  • Store your laptop in its case carefully out of public view when not in use
  • Keep your laptop with you at all times whilst using public transport
  • Place items such as food and drink in your laptop case
  • Leave items such as pens etc on the keyboard and close the lid
  • Leave cables dangling where they can get caught and your laptop pulled to the floor
  • Swing the case in which your laptop is contained it may hit something and damage your laptop
  • Leave our laptop on a desk as they have a habit of going "walkabout"
  • Place your laptop under other items, the screen may get damaged
  • Place your laptop on uneven or unstable surfaces
  • Hold and lift your laptop by its screen
  • Press or touch your laptop screen
  • Leave your laptop unattended
  • Insert any foreign objects into your laptop