Animal Care

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Department: Science

Level: BTEC Level 2

Duration of course: 2 Years

Examination Board: Edexcel

Assessment Method and Component Percentages:

100% Portfolio - Learners can provide evidence from the range of activities in their portfolio of evidence these could be in the form of observation records and/or witness statements as, photos, presentations as the main elements.

What will I learn?

The Edexcel Level 2 BTEC Extended Certificate in Animal Care consists of four units for the completed qualification.

Unit 1 - Undertaking Work Related Experience in the Land Based Industries.

This unit aims to provide learners with an understanding of the principles of work related experience and how these can be applied in practice.

Unit 2 - Maintaining Animal Accommodation

To understand the principles of animal accommodation and how these can be applied in practice to provide good animal welfare.

Unit 3 - Undertake practical Animal Feeding

To provide learners with the skills required to undertake practical animal feeding. Not just to provide animals with food, but feeding at different life stages, and recording of food and water intake to monitor general health of an animal.

Unit 4 - Maintain Animal Health and Welfare

On successful completion of this unit, learners will be able to maintain the health and welfare of a range of animals. This includes identifying any signs of ill health, or that would suggest impending problems, and how to follow these through and fully support and monitor the animal’s recovery. Learners will explore animal welfare and promote good welfare standards in day-to-day situations.

How will I learn?

Delivering the units uses as wide a range of techniques as possible. Lectures, talks, discussions, presentations, practicals, site visits, research using the internet and/or library resources and the use of personal and/or industrial experience would all be suitable delivery methods, farm work,  for example, learners will be given the opportunity to prepare animal accommodation, handling, feeding and health checking of animals. 

Departmental expectations:

As well as expecting all students to attend regularly and complete assignments/homework on time, students will also be expected to complete a portfolio which forms 100% of their final BTEC mark.  This will involve the pupils gathering evidence of their ability to carry out standard work related procedures and researching areas of animal care and documenting it in their portfolio of evidence. 


This course presents opportunities for learners to gain a nationally-recognised vocationally-specific qualification to enter employment in the land-based sector or to progress to higher education vocational qualifications such as the Edexcel Level 3 BTEC National Award, Certificate or Diploma in Animal Management. These qualifications are suited to learners who may wish to enter a wide range of careers or further learning, from dog grooming to working in a zoo. BTEC Firsts in Animal Care are well established qualifications in the animal care sector and are part of the key provision that will help to ensure technical capability of those who work with animals and in the land-based sector is maintained.

Contact person:

Mrs C Gaygan - Principal Teacher Science

Ms E Dugova or Miss E Bunting in the Science department.