Physical Education

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Department: Physical Education

Duration of course: 3 years

Assessment Method and Component Percentages:

Students will be assessed on each practical unit followed.

What will I learn:

Students will cover a variety of activities over the two years, drawn from the following:

Athletics, Swimming, Tennis, Rounders, Softball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Badminton, Hockey, Gymnastics, Football, Netball, Trampolining, Volleyball, Dance and Orienteering, extreme golf, ultimate Frisbee, pop lacrosse, cheerleading, yoga, aerobics.

Students will have the opportunity to develop leadership and team skills. They will also develop their practical performance skills and understanding and knowledge of physical education including making active choices about adopting a healthy lifestyle.

In year 11 students will also be offered the opportunity to attend offsite activities such as golf and fitness development at Tenterden Leisure centre.

How will I learn?

Students will learn through practical experience, working individually, with a partner and in group situations.

Departmental expectations:

The Department expects all students to take an active interest in this subject and regular participation is an expectation unless students have a medical reason for not doing so. GCSE sports tops or the school regulation kit must be worn. The blue/black school rugby / hockey top or the black fleece should be worn for outdoor activities. These are available at the school shop.

Career Potential:

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to carry on their interest in sport and encourage them to pursue a physical activity in their own time whilst maintaining an appropriate level of fitness which could also lead to future employment.

Contact person:

N. Bulless - Principal Teacher Physical Education.