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(Foundation Subject)

Duration of course: 3 years

Assessment Method:

Students will study Citizenship/PHSE and compulsory ERS during themed Focus Days, assemblies and mentoring sessions.

Staff running the sessions are responsible for monitoring the work completed and this will be overseen by group leaders, in which students work will be judged and assessed.

Work will include the written, oral and group activities based around the themed topics of the day.

What will I learn?

Throughout the year students will immersed in a variety of different topics including:


Developing as a citizen e.g.  Democracy

Understanding yourself e.g. Social Rights and Responsibilities

Keeping Healthy e.g. Physical, Social and Mental Health

Sex and Relationships e.g. Safe Sex and Contraception

Financial e.g. Managing your Money

Work and Careers Education e.g. Opportunities in Learning and Work

These topics will be covered in four whole school immersion days: Empathy, Community/Environment, Media, Healthy Lifestyles, as well as mentoring sessions throughout the year.

ERS will be explored through the spiritual aspects of the curriculum, including via assemblies. 

How will I learn?


Group Work

Reflection of self and others

Project Work

Question and Answering sessions

Outside Agency involvement

Expectations of Students:

To be aware of their rights and responsibilities in the wider World

To be aware of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle

Contact Person:

Mr S Goffredi and Ms M Reynolds