Year 10 History Trip

World College

Focusing on the world itself; we all live here, we should know how it works, who inhabits it and the way they manage their environment.

Upcoming Events

The following visit is being planned for our Year 10 History groups and your son/daughter will be given the opportunity to participate. Unfortunately due to the event being open to all schools studying the topic and the venue, the number of places we are able to reserve are limited so allocation of places on this trip will be on a first come, first served basis.

Place of Visit:       Maidstone Hazlitt Theatre

Reason for Visit:  Active revision of the examination topic Germany 1918-1945

Date of Visit:         5th February 2015

Cost of Visit:         £17.00

Travelling by:        Coach

Departure Time:    8:45 – Homewood School Coach drop off point

Estimated return time: 14:15 – Homewood School Coach drop off point

Each show features an exam-busting workshop, devised by Chris Culpin, looking at key skills needed for the examination and a play ‘Hitler on Trial’ which dramatises key features of the GCSE specification. The plays are performed by professional actors in full costume providing a very entertaining way for students to revise. Prosecuting and Defence Counsels question and cross-examine a series of contemporary witnesses whose testimony ranges widely across the history of Weimar and Nazi Germany. At the end, students vote to decide whether Hitler is guilty.

The School’s History team who produce and perform this play work closely with the exam board that set our students’ question papers each year so that they can provide the most up-to-date skills and knowledge required by the examination. Therefore this is an excellent opportunity for students to begin to prepare themselves for their examination and begin their revision by actively reviewing and revising their knowledge about Hitler’s rise to power and his rule over Germany. 

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