KIC Newsmail - May 2016

Upcoming Events

Popular young people’s author Nicky Singer visited Homewood’s library on Friday 15th April to hold a creative writing workshop with 20 Year 12 students. Nicky began in the morning by talking about her books and the events that either inspired or compelled her to write the stories. Her talk was not only informative but also very amusing, especially when describing her preamble through a derelict house which then became the idea behind her best selling book Feather Boy.

After lunch Nicky led the group through the art of writing stories. She explained the importance of the first sentence, of keeping the reader curious and of providing tension.  Nicky highlighted the need to create a personal attachment for the reader by making characters suffer in some way. Students also engaged in role play and discussed events in their own life which could possibly be moulded to form the basis of a novel.

All the students thoroughly enjoyed the day with one student thanking Nicky “for an Incredible writing workshop today  - you're a true inspiration “  Nicky in turn responded with “It was actually quite a privilege for me to interact with students who actually care about creative writing and take it seriously. Ditto the staff  - who I found wonderfully interested and enthusiastic.”

Newsroom Bootcamp! from TV News Presenter John Young

BBC News Reader John Young will be visiting Homewood School Library in May. He will be working with a group of Media Studies students in the morning and after lunch will hold a Newsroom Bootcamp workshop with Year 7 and 8 students where they will be looking at the impact of news and what makes great news headlines!