PSHRE and Drugs Education

Upcoming Events

As part of the school PSHRE curriculum, students participate in, and learn about, a range of topics including Drugs Education. The school has always worked closely with outside agencies to ensure that this curriculum is up to date and relevant in today’s society. It is important that schools, outside agencies and parents give young people the tools to be able to cope with the pressures of living in the modern world.

The school’s work will often involve agencies coming into school to offer guidance and give students a greater awareness of a variety of issues including: Sex and Relationships Education, Career Pathways, Mental Health, Online Safety, Child Sexual Exploitation, Radicalisation, Drugs Education, Domestic Abuse and Finance Management.

To this end, before the end of the academic year, the police will be visiting the school to talk about drugs education and they will be bringing ‘passive search drugs dogs’ with them to give a demonstration to students. We are really lucky to be able to have the opportunity to raise awareness in this way amongst our students whilst at the same time monitoring our site very carefully to ensure that students are not following any risk- taking behaviours. Below is an extract from a letter sent by the school to the police following their last visit.

‘The material presented was stimulating, varied and thought- provoking. The presentations from all of the speakers covered areas that were relevant to this age group and the information was pitched at an appropriate level.  I think that the demonstrations using sniffer dogs and other drug detection tools was a really good precursor to the second series of assemblies when students were asked to walk in single file past a working dog.

Mr Smith’s delivery in the second assembly was hard- hitting and clearly had an effect upon the students who watched. The fact that you could have heard a pin drop with approximately 250 students on each sitting most definitely indicates how much they were interested in the subject matter. Talking to students following the event they clearly articulated to me that the presentation had made a difference to them in terms of not experimenting with illegal drugs’.

Once again, I hope that the students will benefit from this visit. Please let the school know should you have any individual concerns.

Yours sincerely

S J Lees