GCSE Product Design Course Letter

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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Your child has now successfully completed their first year of the GCSE Product Design course.  This year will be their final year to complete the course.  As you may be aware, the course is split into two areas.  40% of the course is based on the summer exam in June 2015 and the final 60% of the course is based around the coursework, written and practical, which is carried out in school. 

The students have been working towards this coursework, developing skills and building up knowledge during their year 9 scheme of work.  The aim of this is to ensure the students are prepared for the individual learning that is expected of them at year 10 and to produce a successful final product at the end of the year.

I am writing to you to ensure that all communication is open with yourselves and the Product Design team, to guarantee a productive and hopefully successful end to your child’s experience in Product Design. 

Below are the deadline dates for the coursework, that each student is expected to adhere to.  Historically it has been shown that students who do not keep up to date, fall behind quickly which in turn affects their results. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that there will be sessions after school and at lunchtimes if necessary to help students on a more one to one basis.



Brief and Task Analysis



Customer Profile



Existing products



Product Analysis



Relevant info and ergonomics



Client interview & questionnaire



Analysis of research



Specification and time plan



Design ideas



Design development

  6th Social Moral and Environmental issues
  11th Final Design
  17th CAD Page
  18th Cutting List
  24th Plan of Make
  25th Testing
December 1st Making Starts
March 31st Coursework complete- including digital pictures of making, final display, product testing report, Evaluation

Please do not hesitate to contact myself or Miss Jukes in relation to any of the information contained in this letter.  Mrs C Callaway (co-ordinator of Product Design) email- c.callaway@homewood.kent.sch.uk

Ms H Jukes email- h.jukes@homewood.kent.sch.uk

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Callaway- Product Design co-ordinator