Computing Key Stage 3 Involving Letter - 4th July

Upcoming Events

This week all students will test their games and correct any errors that they find. Peer assessment will be used to obtain feedback from others which can be incorporated into the improvements the student decides to make.

At Home

As it is coming to the end of term, students should start to think about the micro:bit which they will be given in September. Students should familiarise themselves with the potential activities that can be programmed into a micro:bit by looking at the website Students will be given the chance to make simple games, programme messages on a LED, create a compass, produce a digital pet as well as much more.

Technology News

Bluetooth Buttons Helping the Visually Impaired

The smart buttons called Pips, are linked via Bluetooth and use sound to help visually impaired people find their way. The Pips can be placed anywhere around the home and flash and beep, to tell the user what they need to do. Once the button has been pressed, it turns off and activates the next Pip in the sequence.

"You might have one by your bedside that will wake you up, and when you press that one, the next one will start, which might be in the shower," said Nominet's David Simpson, the man who created Pips. The code and instructions for how to build Pips are now publicly available online at, so people can start experimenting with the technology.

Technology Careers

ICT Technician: Starting salaries are between £18,000 and £22,000 up to £30,000 per year.

ICT Technician: IT support technicians help to find and correct software and hardware problems for computer users. Your job would normally involve:

  • Talking to clients and getting details of faults.
  • Fixing equipment and upgrading existing systems.
  • Training clients on new systems or software applications.
  • Recording problems and their solutions for future reference