Computing Key Stage 3 Involving Letter - 27th June

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Computing Key Stage 3 Involving Letter

Week Commencing 27th June 2016

This week students will continue to develop the coding for their Scratch game with the aim of making sure it meets all of the Success Criteria originally designed in the planning stage. Students should be able to start testing their games by playing with them themselves and amending any errors that occur.

At home:

A ‘Success Criteria’ is a list of objectives which have been set out to be achieved. In Computing these objectives have been created by your son/daughter but in real life they would be set by a company or client. Why not create your own ‘Success Criteria’ with your child by setting them an achievable task to accomplish? This could include planning and preparing a family meal, researching and creating an exercise programme for a parent, arranging a family day out for the summer holidays or creating a children’s activity for a younger sibling. By encouraging independence and thinking your child will achieve more goals both within lessons and in daily life.

Technology News: New technologies that could change the way we buy things have been shown off at the Gherkin as part of London Tech Week. Selfie Pay takes everyone's favourite vanity exercise and makes it useful: allowing you to authorise a transaction with your face. The app requires you to blink so it knows you're really there and someone isn't using a photo of you to fraudulently authorise a transaction. It is not just biometrics that could change payments. Kerv is said to be the world's first contactless payment ring: a simple piece of technology that essentially means you are wearing a contactless payment card. The Kerv ring is due out in July.

Technology Careers: Business Analyst IT: Average Salary: £37,837 up to £57,000 per year.

Duties of Business Analyst IT:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement to the business operations using information technology.
  • Analysing a customer’s needs, gathering and documenting requirements.
  • Creating a project plan to design the resulting technology solution.
  • Finalising, along with the client, the ‘Success Criteria’ to be met