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1st December 2017

Dear Parent/Carer

I-College Learning Developments

I am writing to update you regarding developments and improvements we are making to encourage our students to develop their Higher Order Thinking Skills and further embed the culture that we “Aim High” at all times.

We are very pleased with the way the I-College students continue to learn and readily take responsibility for their learning, with many automatically questioning and developing their thinking just as a matter of routine.  We now have some excellent practice and routines and we are really keen to harness this enthusiasm for learning and build on our practice. 


Each Friday morning the students will complete a learning evaluation and review form that will be shared with their learning coaches.  They will send a piece of work to their coach with this in order to support this.  The Learning Coaches will be meeting the students more frequently and at least once every two weeks; this may be in small groups of 3-4 or individually as the coach sees fit.  Learning Coaching must be seen to be an extremely important element in our learning process.  Each term the Learning Coach will send an invitation to you to sit in on your child’s coaching session, this will give you an update on your child’s learning and their current learning targets, if you are unable to attend please let your child’s Learning Coach know and they will be pleased to send you an account of what was said.

Higher Order Thinking

All students have been given a “Blooms” Placemat, the students are expected to identify the level of work they are currently working at and find ways or seek advice to work towards the next level.  It is expected that students apply themselves to all their learning activities and try their best at all times.  Their weekly evalautions and Learning Coach conversations will also focus on this.

Aiming Higher Sessions

If a student has been identified as not trying their best then they will be asked to attend an additional study session for 30 minutes on a Friday Lunchtime in order that they can have the opportunity to improve their work.  This is not a behaviour detention, but instead an opportunity for students to improve their work and move their thinking on to the next level.  If your child is referred to the session then they must attend, but students may also opt to come if they want to work quietly.  Please can you supply them with a packed lunch on this day?  If a child is continuously referred then we will seek to implement personalised interventions to support the child in discussion with parents.

Intensive Intervention Masterclasses

From January one lesson on a Thursday will become an Intensive Intervention Session, this masterclass will be available to all year groups, students can opt for a session that they feel is of use to them or they may be referred by their teacher or Learning Coach.  These will run for a 4 week period and then students may wish to opt for an alternative group or stay where they are.  Initially students will have the following choices:

  • Numeracy
  •  Literacy
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Healthy relationships, Growth Mindset and resilience
  • Learning to Learn - Exam technique, analysis and evaluation

We really hope that we can build on the current learning ethos of I-College and move learning forwards to significantly benefit every student.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding these developments.

Yours sincerely

Mrs K Farrell

Director of I-College