Holocaust survivor visit

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On Friday the 3rd of March, 180 Year 8 students heard the testimony from Holocaust survivor, Ruth Barnett, as part of a visit by the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET). The testimony was followed by a question and answer session which enabled students to better understand the nature of the Holocaust and to explore its lessons in more depth. The visit was part of the of the Holocaust Educational Trust’s extensive all year round Outreach Programme, which is available to schools across the UK.

It was a privilege to welcome Ruth to our school and we hope that by hearing Ruth’s testimony, it will encourage our students to learn from the lessons of the Holocaust and make a positive difference in their own lives.

‘I found it very interesting because we got to hear from someone who actually experienced the horrors of the Holocaust.’  Kiri

‘I found it really emotional when her mother came to collect her, she didn’t want to go back to Germany with her.’  Joan

‘It was amazing to meet a Holocaust survivor and to hear her story. I loved it and wanted to ask so many questions.’  Niamh

‘I appreciate Ruth coming to talk to us about the Holocaust and Kindertransport. I could not believe what my teacher taught me about the Holocaust but hearing from a Holocaust survivor gave me a greater understanding of what happened to millions of people and to the 10,000 children who escaped by the Kindertransport.’  Adam

‘Hearing from a Holocaust survivor was inspiring. Her stories were stimulating. It’s completely different from reading about the Holocaust in a book or an article, Ruth had actually lived through that awful time and survived.’  Brannan

‘I found it very interesting to hear from a woman who has lived through something like that.  It was a fantastic experience which I enjoyed greatly.’  Makenna