Computing Letter June 2016

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Computing Key Stage 3 Involving Letter

Week Commencing 6 th June 2016

This week the Year 7’s have changed from their previous carousel class and have joined the Computing Department for their last term. During this term all parents will be kept up to date with information regarding what their child will be studying during the lessons.

This week Year 7 will be designing an outline of a Scratch game. This will involve deciding on who the target audience is, what genre of game they will produce, what features will be included, how the game will be controlled and characters and background to be included. A success criteria will be designed to enable the student to review their game at the end of the term.

At home:

In preparation for next week you can help your child at home by talking about different features of a computer game and discussing how they will create a character for their game – will it be made by the student on paint or will it be copied from the internet and edited? Why not ask your child to show you how to use Scratch at ?

Technology News:

Children who play video games twice a day are less likely to achieve five good GCSE grades, a study suggests. The National Children's Bureau Northern Ireland research involved more than 600 14 to 16- year-olds from 2012-14. It found 41% of children who used portable gaming devices at least twice a day achieved at least five GCSE A* to C grades, compared with 77% of those who used them less than once a week. Pupils who spent about three hours every day using a computer to do homework achieved the best exam results, with 79% achieving five A* to C grades in their GCSEs.

Technology Careers:

Number of Job Openings: 3,708 Average Base Salary: £57,818 IT managers are responsible for implementing and maintaining an organisation's technology infrastructure. Businesses rely on a central information processing system to support efficient data management and communications.

The IT manager monitors the organisation's operational requirements, researches strategies and technology solutions, and builds the most cost-effective and efficient system to achieve those goals.