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KS5 Year 11

Year 11 is the last year of compulsory education for students at Homewood, however for many it is the beginning of a new learning journey. With many option courses being completed in Year 10 students can opt again to explore different pathways in their learning may it be an AS Level, continuing a subject into the third year or starting a new course.

In advice and guidance Year 11 students are supported by their tutors and connexions to make informed decisions about their future. This input from tutors is supported by weekly assemblies on a range of themes. Year 11 tutor time also focuses on developing student study skills as they approach their final GCSE exams in core subjects and start new courses at a higher level that require a higher level of independence that students may be used to. Throughout the year students take will take part in a range of activities in advice and guidance that will help them prepare for their end of year exams in English and Maths.

Students will also if they have not done already create and maintain their Curriculum Vitae in Year 11 in preparation for sixth form, college, apprenticeship or employment applications.

Year 11 is a very important year, and with this importance comes an increased expectation of students to act as role models for the younger years. This expectation does not just concern uniform and behaviour but how they present Key Stage 5 to the whole school and community.