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Student/Parent Information

Higher Education Fair

We are pleased to confirm we have secured 65 places for any interested Year 12 students to attend the Higher Education Fair at Kent University, Canterbury on Thursday, 24th April 2014.

Students attending the Fair will be able to research higher education courses and institutions and admissions tutors will be present to answer individual questions. If your son/daughter is considering going to University we strongly advise they attend this event. To find out more, please see our letter here.

Trial Period and Assessment

During the first four weeks of the new academic year students will be assessed rigorously to ensure their suitability for the courses they have chosen. If necessary, course changes may be made during week four. After this time no course change would be considered.

Procedures to change course:

  • The student obtains a course change form from the KS5 office and discusses course options available.
  • The student discusses desire to withdraw with the current subject teacher, if an agreement is reached, the subject teacher signs the course choice form.
  • The student discusses the possibility of taking up a new course with the Principal Teacher of the subject. If the Principal Teacher is in agreement he/she will sign the course change form.
  • The student will have discussed the course change with parents/guardians and a signature will be required to show parental/ guardian agreement.
  • Finally, the student brings the completed form to the KS5 office where the change will be sanctioned by a KS5 Principal Teacher and timetable changes made.


Autumn Term

Students will be required to:

  • Attend both am and pm registration with their tutors
  • Remain on site during lesson and study periods throughout the school day

Christmas Term

Subject to end of term reports being favourable students will have the option to:

  • Take up to 5 periods of their study time at home but must attend a minimum of one registration per day.

Health and Safety

If a 6th form student leaves the school site he/she must sign out and upon their return sign back in. It is essential that we are aware who is on site at any given time for reasons of health and safety.

Signing out books (one for each tutor group) are in two locations:

  • the foyer of the 6th form area
  • the foyer of the mansion old reception

6th form students are provided with identification badges which must be visible at all time.

Code of Conduct

The Sixth Form code of conduct can be found here.

Dress Code

SMART CASUAL - Students must be appropriately dressed for the learning environment, bearing in mind decency, health and safety, and the fact that you represent the whole school. Click here for the full dress code.


Please see Student Bursary

Student Vehicle Parking

Should you wish to park either your own car or moped onto the school site you must apply to the KS5 office for a parking permit!

The KS5 office will give you a letter to take home to your parent/guardian, which will need to be signed where requested and returned with the following:

  • Registered keeper details
  • Certificate of motor insurance
  • Certificate of completion of an Approved Training Course for Motor Bicycles or Copy of valid driving licence
  • Signed parental/guardian permission slip

Photocopies of these documents will be taken for school purposes and a parking permit in the form of a pass will be issued. Please note the pass must be displayed clearly on the dashboard of your vehicle.

There is a designated area for motor cycle parking adjacent to J block and there is a student car park below the coach park.