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Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience

All students taught in Year 10 will be going to a work experience placement for one week in July 2014. Work experience is a great opportunity for young people to really see and experience the world of work.  In the past students, parents, teachers and employers alike have commented on what a valuable and worthwhile experience it really is. 

Students need to apply for their work experience placement online via the following website:

Each student has been issued with a unique PIN to access the website which is detailed above.

We will be helping students with this process at school, but would ask if you could begin the process by making an application with your son/daughter online at home. I have enclosed an instruction booklet to guide you through making the online application.

Please note students will be asked to select the type of organisation they would like to spend their work experience with, the places they are able to travel to and by which method.  Additionally students will need to comment about their hobbies, interests and courses of study.

If you would like to arrange the work experience placement yourself, I would invite and encourage you to do so. There is a section on the online application form for students to enter self arranged company contact details. These details may be added at a later date if not yet known, but please note the deadline for self arranged placement details is January 17th 2014, as the placements must be checked for insurance and health and safety ahead of time.

Should you have any queries about work experience please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr. B. Harper, Principal Teacher Careers
01580 764222 ext. 264 / b.harper@homewood.kent.sch.uk

The Student Guide can also be found here.

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