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Student Services


Student Reception is a point of contact for students if they are lost, not sure who to speak to about problems or feel upset. The Student Reception team will ensure that the appropriate people are contacted.


Students can use the school telephone located in Student Reception in cases of emergency or if arrangements for going home have changed (after school clubs or missed buses).

Change of Details

If any of your child's details change, your contact number(s) change or if a medical condition changes please send a signed letter with all amendments to Student Reception.

Student Cards

All students will receive a "Lunch/Library" card - New Year 7 students will receive their cards on the first day of school. Money can currently be put on the cards in 2 ways - either at the cash machines in the Canteen or by cheques at Student Reception. To avoid students having to queue up during break times, cheques can be put in our post box. Please write your child's name and ID number on the back of the cheque. The student ID numbers are beside the photograph on the front of their card. Any cheques posted at morning break will be added to the students account before lunch. If a student loses their card they must report it to Student Reception immediately. We can then put a stop on the account which will prevent anyone from using the card. If the card is not found, new cards can be purchased from Student Reception at a cost of £3.00. We are also able to produce reports showing your childs usage of the card at the school.

Forgotten Cards

If a student has left their card at home we can issue them with a PIN number so that they can access their account and purchase lunch. If a student does not have enough money for lunch, Student Reception can issue them with an emergency card - the emergency card will have a value sufficient to purchase a main meal and pudding. Any money spent on the emergency card must be paid back to the school the following day at Student Reception. The student's account will be suspended until all money owed is received.

Damaged Cards

Students who have damaged cards should purchase a new card from Student Reception. The use of a damaged card in the cash machines could jam the unit and cause costly damage.


To contact Student Reception, please either Call or eMail:

Telephone 01580 764222 (Extn 296)

Email studentservice@homewood.kent.sch.uk

Sick Bay


The school operates a medical facility with a full time qualified nurse. Students who feel unwell must go to the Sick Bay. During lesson, students should request a note from their teacher. If the nurse feels your child should go home, she will contact you on the number provided to the school. If students ring parents without seeing the nurse, absenses may not be authorised if the child is collected. If a student is on crutches, please telephone the school before your son/daughter returns to school so that arrangements can be made to assess their mobility.


Please inform the nurse of any hospital admissions or ongoing illness or if you would like to discuss your child's medical condition or have any queries, please contact us on:

Telephone: 01580 764222 (Extn 297/305)

Email: nurse@homewood.kent.sch.uk