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Health & Social Care GCSE/GCE - EdExcel

Health and Social Care is a subject that has developed rapidly in popularity over the past seven years. At Homewood we teach this subject at both GCSE and GCE. It is a subject that is popular for those students who have an intersest in working with people in the future. The course covers the entire life span; from children to the elderly. It is a vocational course where we encourage independent learning and wherever possible work placements that enable students to see theory in practice.

Many students studying this course have gone on to higher education, pursuing careers in teaching, nursing, midwifery, osteopathy, physiotherapy...

GCSE Health & Social Care

This course is taught at KS4 And KS5. It has proven to be a popular option among girls who are interested in a career where they will be working with other people. At KS4 it is taught over two years and at KS5 over one year. We currently offer the qualification as a single award. This involves the study of two units of work.

Unit 1: Studies growth and development from birth to old age and the personal relationships that people have during their lives. This unit is examined and accounts for 40% of the overall grade.

Unit 2: An investigation into the needs of one person and how health, social care and early years organinsations meet those needs. Students have to select an individual to study and conduct the task as a controlled assessment. Background research is completed as homework and evidence is brought into school for the completion of this unit. This portfolio of work accounts for 60% of the overall grade.

GCE Health & Social Care - Edexcel

This subject is taught at KS5 and is a natural progression from the GCSE course. However students do not have to have the GCSE to access the GCE. The entry requirement for the GCE is five GCSE’s at C grade or above.

Students selecting this option are usually interested in pursuing a career in either health, social care or early years. It provides a broad understanding of these sectors and an awareness of specific client groups and their needs. As a part of the course students are encouraged to organise work placement to enable them to see theory in practice and also to complete the practical elements of their work.

The qualification is structured as an AS/A2. The AS single award is the first year of the course and involves the study of three units.

Unit 1. Human growth and Development (examined)

Unit 2. Communication and Values (portfolio)

Unit 3. Positive Care Environments (portfolio)

Two of these are portfolios and one is an examined unit. The A2 is the second year of the course (Single award advanced GCE)

Unit 7. Meeting individual Needs (examined)

Unit 8. Promoting Health and Well Being (portfolio)

Unit 9. Investigating Disease. (portfolio)

We also offer the double award, although this is subject to student numbers and staffing on a year to year basis.

Double award. This involves six units in both the first and second year of study.