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IBCC – Business and Management DP Diploma

The IBCC provides an exciting opportunity for students to gain a certificate focusing on a mix of practical and academic skills that will prepare them for success in the workplace as well as further training or higher education. It is a two year programme of study.

Students taking the IBCC are provided with the opportunity to:

• study a balanced education providing both breadth and depth as well as a unique ‘approaches to learning’ course which develops the skills required to make the most of employment and life beyond school

• gain a genuine enthusiasm and positive attitude to life-long learning

• develop entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation

• grow as individuals – physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically

• acquire an international certificate based on rigorous external assessment with published global standards as well as locally recognised vocational qualifications respected by employers and institutes of further and higher education.

IBCC students take three courses of study, comprising a locally recognised vocational qualification, two IB certificates (currently at Homewood these are Business and Management and IT and the Global Society) and a Core made up of an approaches to learning course, community and service; which will be linked to the student’s applied or vocational option and a reflective project, which will again be connected with the student’s chosen applied or vocational course. This provides a healthy balance between the academic subjects of the IB and the work-oriented qualifications pertinent to the local employment market.

The DP Diploma subjects are taken at standard level (considered to be just higher than AS Level)


Business and Management

The aims of the business and management course at HL and SL are to:

· promote the importance of exploring business issues from different cultural perspectives

· encourage a holistic view of the world of business

· enable the student to develop the capacity to think critically about individual and organizational behaviour

· enhance the student’s ability to make informed business decisions

· enable the student to appreciate the nature and significance of change in a local, regional and global context

· promote awareness of social, cultural and ethical factors in the actions of organizations and individuals in those organizations

· appreciate the social and ethical responsibilities associated with businesses operating in international markets.


The topics covered are:

Topic 1: Business organization and environment

Topic 2: Human resources

Topic 3: Accounts and finance

Topic 4: Marketing

Topic 5: Operations management