Information technology is of growing importance in todays fast paced world. Computers are everywhere, so it is essential that students are able to grasp the concepts of the digital world and utilise all manner of technology in order to prepare them for a workplace which will almost certainly involve some form of IT.

Homewood teaches all students in KS3 ICT, preparing them with the basics of computer usage, Online Safety, and responsible use. After KS3, the students have some option as to what ICT courses they are able to take, with options such as GCSE Computing and GCSE ICT available, within which learners will discover the fundamental aspects of computing including how they function at a low level by learning programming skills, and how they're used in the modern workplace. Further education is also available with students in KS5 studying AS/A Level GCE ICT, taking them well beyond GCSE level, fully preparing them to take on any computer based job or enabling them to dig deeper into the world of computers, networks and programming at university level.