IBCC Business and Management

IBCC Business and Management is offered as part of the larger International Baccalaureate® Career-related Certificate qualification (please see next page for more information).

Exam board – International Baccalaureate

Course title - International Baccalaureate® Career-related Certificate, DP diploma in Business and Management

Course Length – 2 years

Course content – The course is made up of 5 units at standard level and 6 for higher level including:

1.    Business organisations and management

2.    Human Resources

3.    Accounts and Finance

4.    Marketing

5.    Operations Management

6.    Business Strategy (Higher Level only)

Assessment structure –

Assessment is via:

1. Coursework - 25% of the final grade.  This is an essay that responds to a question set for and by each individual student, this is assessed internally and then moderated by the exam board.

2. Paper 1 Exam – Short and Long answers related to a pre-released case study

3. Paper 2 Exam – Medium length answers related to short case studies.

Entry Requirements:  5 GCSEs grades A*-C including English and Maths

Key staff to contact – Mrs K Farrell, Mr S West, Miss R Fagg or Mr J Collins

International Baccalaureate® Career-related Certificate (IBCC)

The IBCC provides an exciting opportunity for students to gain a certificate focusing on a mix of practical and academic skills that will prepare them for success in the workplace as well as further training or higher education. It is a two year programme of study.

Students taking the IBCC are provided with the opportunity to:

• study a balanced education providing both breadth and depth as well as a unique ‘approaches to learning’ course which develops the skills required to make the most of employment and life beyond school

• gain a genuine enthusiasm and positive attitude to life-long learning

• develop entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation

• grow as individuals – physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically

• acquire an international certificate based on rigorous external assessment with published global standards as well as locally recognised vocational qualifications respected by employers and institutes of further and higher education.

IBCC students take three courses of study, comprising a locally recognised vocational qualification, two IB certificates and a Core made up of an approaches to learning course, community and service; which will be linked to the student’s applied or vocational option and a reflective project, which will again be connected with the student’s chosen applied or vocational course. This provides a healthy balance between the academic subjects of the IB and the work-oriented qualifications pertinent to the local employment market.

Vocational Qualification

IB Diploma

Any Vocational Qualification

(BTEC L3 or Applied GCE)

2 DP Diploma Subjects

Core :

-       approaches to learning

-       community and service

-       a reflective project

-       Chinese

Entry requirements:

While it has a career-related focus, the IBCC is not a career/vocational qualification. Potential students should be aware that IB courses are acknowledged by educationalists for their academic rigour and challenge.

Students are required to have 5 GCSE’s at A-C and C or above in English and Maths.

What will the course lead to?

The IBCC promotes students to become critical thinkers who understand the interdisciplinary nature of learning. They are encouraged to develop reasoning skills, problem-solving skills and lateral-thinking skills, all valuable to future employers.

The IBCC is internationally recognised and accepted by universities.