Applied Learning

The Applied Learning department is proud to offer all learners a variety of subjects, which offer work related courses teaching industry skills through a practical way of learning. We teach our learners’ skills that they can be applied to any industry in their later lives. We have a wide option of courses available, which cater for all learners no matter what their ability. All subjects offered help the learners by giving them the chance to learn industry specific skills and theories. It suits any type of learners as the courses available are diverse and have different levels available to ensure every learners is included and has a progress route.

The learners not only learn the skills required for their courses but so much more. As the courses available are geared towards offering a ‘real’ working environment, the learners experience a taste of what it would be like to work within their chosen vocational subject, which will help them in the future when deciding what career path to take.

The learners are encouraged to interact with each other by working in groups and independently, whilst also offering them skills in customer service and basic business skills. This makes the vocational course widely acceptable to potential employees as the learners have skills that can be used in the real working world.