Year 7- What they say

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Our Year 7's are settling in very well, this is what they say about starting here!

I have found it very easy to settle into Homewood. I think induction week helped, it made finding my way around the school a lot less scary.

I have made lots of new friends and older students have helped me when I needed it.



Homewood is a wonderful and enthusiastic school, I was really nervous at first but the other pupils helped me find my way around the site.

The people in the school make Homewood the fantastic school it is. All the teachers are very supportive towards our learning and encourage us to do well.



Hi, my name is Harry and I am a new Homewood pupil. Moving from primary to secondary school is a big jump. You will get nervous or worried at some point but here at Homewood everyone is so friendly that you have nothing to worry about. I was anxious on my first day but felt really secure and happy straight away.

I've even attended the Year 7 football trials, got into the A team and am looking forward to our first match!


Starting here at Homewood has been a wonderful experience. There is so much going on here such as lots of clubs. All the staff and students are very welcoming. At first it is very scary but trust me, you make so many new friends and very quickly find your way around the school. I look forward to coming to school every day.



I couldn't have had a better first week. I made the most of induction week which has really helped me to settle. Everyone has been so kind, especially when I have got lost and had to ask some Year 11's to get me to my drama lesson. I've already made some great new friends and had some really interesting lessons especially science. I didn't realise science could be such good fun and so different from primary school but in a very good way because we get to use Bunsen burners.



I knew coming to Homewood would be an adventure. At Homewood the teachers are AMAZING and the lessons are really exciting. And in some lessons you use your iPad which is brilliant. Everybody helps you around the school if you're lost.



My first week at Homewood has been the best it could possibly be, I've made loads of friends and the lessons are fabulous. I was worried at the beginning but all the students and teachers have helped me and now I feel truly at home here.



I was really nervous before I started here at Homewood but now I have lots of new friends that have helped me settle and I can find my way around the school easily.


I was worried about starting here but my friends helped me to settle in and find my way around the school. I'm enjoying my maths lessons and I went to the football trials this week. There is so much to do and I enjoy coming here.



I was worried about starting at Homewood after coming from Primary school and having no friends and getting lost. But within a few days I had made lots of friends and found my way around the school easily. I'm having some really good lessons and a little bit of homework!



Before I started here I was extremely nervous but once I came into class and saw all my friends from Primary school I felt a lot better. I really enjoy learning German and I've made lots of new friends and I've only been here a week!