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 Year 7 invite to parent - July 2017

Why have I received a save the date card?

You have received a save the date card to give you some advance warning of Year 7 Festival of Learning and student led conferences. 

What is a student led conference?

The student led conference format provides the opportunity for students with their form tutor to reflect on their learning. Students then together prepare a presentation of their learning, which their parents/carers are invited into school to see. This is the student's moment to share his or her reflections on achievements and challenges in their first year at Homewood. 

Why student led conferences?

During traditional parent evenings, parents/carers ask how their students are doing, and teachers provide grades and behaviour reports. While these evenings seem to offer a final answer, they do not always paint a clear picture of students' work over the course of a year.

We have found that parents/carers appreciate student-led conferences as an alternative because they can judge their child's progress and have a greater understanding how they can help their child learn.

The students also gain a better understanding of their strengths and challenges and the correlation between their effort, progress, and resulting quality of work.

In preparation for the conference tutors and teachers are able to get an all-round picture of each child. Teachers will sit down with each student and review strengths and weaknesses. This conversation often informs teachers that students have learned more than perhaps they had measured through conventional assessments.

What is the role of the form tutor?

Form tutors play a more direct role in conference preparation than during the afternoon presentation of work, which is down to the student. However your child's form tutor will circulate as they present their work to you.

What is the role of the Parent/Carer?

During student-led conferences, parents/carers focus the conversation on their children and reflect on their work with them. They look at work samples and listen to their children's explanations and reflections. 

What should I ask my child?

  • What do you think is your strongest subject? Why do you think that?
  • What subject has been the hardest for you this year?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • It makes me proud to see that...
  • Can you tell me more about...

For parents/carers, it's important to embrace the student-led conference format and allow children to take the reins so they can act as responsible learners.

When are the conferences?

Wednesday 12th July 3-4pm Surname A-K
Wednesday 19th July 3-4pm Surname L-Z

When will I receive my invite?

You will receive a letter inviting you to the event by the end of June. We will upload a copy of this letter onto the school website. 

How many people can come?

Whilst space is at a premium on the conference afternoon we would like to encourage members of the family and close friends to attend in order to celebrate student learning here at Homewood School. Should you be expecting to bring a party of more than two adults please indicate the number on the return slip that you will receive with your invite.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at this event in order to celebrate with us all the hard work which goes into the learning here at Homewood.

What about if we cannot attend?

For parents/carers who cannot make the date or time of the event we might be able to swap the date or provide some appointment times later in the afternoon on Wednesday 12th July. However whilst some staff will be present it is unlikely your child's form tutor will be in attendance outside of the 3-4pm time slot.

Please contact the Discovery College if you need to make any rearrangements once you have received your invite. 

Alternatively, the student conference could be carried out at home although students may not have access to all of their work.