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UNICEF is linked to our humanities project.

UNICEF does a lot of charity work but, in this case, it is about child soldiers.

UNICEF provides homes, food, education and general care to those soldiers that have escaped from the horrible, forced warfare.

We are suggesting this charity and this subject because Year 8 students at Homewood school have learnt the horrors suffered by child soldiers. It’s this tragedy that UNICEF works to prevent.



7D5/8D5 held an Easter egg tombola this week as their fund raising event. This was a highly enjoyable event and we thank all the staff and pupils who supported this by contributing Easter eggs or buying tickets.

The photo shows Mitexi trying her luck and Disan running the stall.



7D6 and 8D6 had a cake sale as their UNICEF charity event. The photo shows Lauren, Amyleigh, Millie and Charlie setting up the sale with their form tutor, Mrs Gray.



7D4 and 8D4 organised a penalty shoot-out and cake sale to raise funds for UNICEF. Many thanks to Mr Cobley and Miss Kennett who ran the penalty shoot-out with Cerys and Izzy. The photo shows Jessica, Maisy, Mollie and Isabelle with their cakes.’



7D2 & 7D10 held a very successful tombola as their charity fundraising event last week. The photograph shows Charlie and Michael busy selling tickets.



7D3 and 8D3 organised a treasure hunt on Friday. Forms taking part organised a team and had to work out each clue from all over the site. They could only have the next clue if the previous one was correct. The first team back was from 8D8 who enjoyed a chest of sweets!

Funds raised went to UNICEF, the Discovery college charity.


7D1 & 8D1 had a cake sale last week and raised £74.20 to kick off the fund raising campaign.