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Overview for KS4 curriculum

The Year 9 scheme of work is designed by following the National Curriculum for Mathematics. Its aims is to help the students to grow their mathematical knowledge and skills during year 9. Each topic starts with an introduction shows how the topic is relevant to real life situations. Each chapter provides lots of opportunities for students to develop their skills as well as problem solving.

The year 10 and 11 mathematics curriculum aims to offer a wider and deeper mathematical content, delivered through a greater focus on problem-solving as preparation for the new GCSE. The key stage 4 scheme of work both higher and foundation will be delivered over two years to ensure pupils have time to increase their knowledge and develop their skill to tackle the new GCSE exam papers. Homework will be given in lesson by class teacher to help consolidate their learning at home. The school also provide an online learning website for pupils to revise for assessment and exams.



Year 9

Year 10


Year 10


Year 11


Year 11



Whole number and decimals,

Measures, perimeter and Area,

Expressions and Formulae

Number, Algebra, Interpreting/representing data

Number, Algebra, Graphs, tables and charts

Further Statistics, Equations and Graphs , Circle Theorems

Multiplicative Reasoning, Constructions, loci and bearings, Quadratic equations and graphs


Fractions, Decimals and Percentages, Geometry and Measures and Graphs

Fractions , Ratio and Percentages, Angles and Trigonometry

Fractions and Percentages, Equations, Inequalities and Sequences

Multiplicative Reasoning, Constructions, loci and bearings, Quadratic equations and graphs

Perimeter, Area and Volume,Fractions, indices and standard form


Decimal calculation, Statistics, Transformation and scale

Graphs, Area and Volume

Angles, Averages and Range

Proportion and Graphs

Congruence, Similarity and Vectors, Algebra


Equations, Powers and roots , Construction and Pythagoras

Transformations and constructions, Equation and inequalities

Perimeter, Area and Volume, Graphs, Transformation, Ratio and Proportion

Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation


Sequences, 3D shapes, Ratio and proportion and Probability.

Probability, Multiplicative Reasoning, Similarity and congruence

Right-angles triangles, Probabilty

Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation