Graphic Design

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Students study EdExcel AS Graphic Design (Art & Design), if successfully completed, students may wish to continue onto the A2 level of their course.


One year course, when in year 11,12 or 13


Start of the main unit of coursework, including evidence of:

·         Developing

·         Exploring

·         Recording

·         Presenting

Developing an understanding of the AS style sketchbook or project sheet format. 



Completion of preparation work for main unit of coursework.

Mock exam (practical project or individual tasks set by the teacher).

Mid- term students will be selecting the final exam paper topic of focus, and starting the preparation work, again, including evidence of:

·         Developing

·         Exploring

·         Recording

·         Presenting


Completion of prep work for the exam unit, with a 2 day exam to complete the final piece/s.


For students continuing onto the A2 level (2nd year) of this course, the A2 level induction workshops begin.

N.B. All students are expected to look after their work in a portfolio (A2 size, these can be purchased from school for £3.00).  All students are also responsible for having their own USB stick to record any digital work.

The teacher records feedback on a yellow Target Sheet, with written strengths and targets, and an end of term grade indicated on the assessment rubric for that term.

Every student is given an A4 A&D&T Diary, in which they can keep their yellow Target Sheets, any other handouts, and make notes of any information in lesson time or during their home study time.

If specific project details are required, please ask the student or their subject teacher for this information, as different topics are studied across the department.

There are also lunchtime and after school clubs that students are welcome to attend – even if needed to support the completion of their home learning tasks.  Student just need to ask their A&D&T teacher when these clubs are.