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Memorandum of Understanding between SAE Institute and [XXX]

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) sets the terms and understanding between SAE and [XXX] to form a collegiate scholarship programme. SAE is the trading name of SAE Education Ltd. Registered in England No 06647488. Registered office SAE Institute Oxford, Littlemore Park, Armstrong Road, Oxford OX4 4FY.


The SAE Creative Media Scholarship is testament to SAE’s commitment to fostering the new generation of creative media professionals. The scholarship is designed to reward those students who perform not only on an academic level, but also demonstrate exceptional personal talent and creativity, contributing significantly to the advancement of their specialised subject in creative media. It is available to students completing Level 3 and above.


This MOU formalises the valued relationship between [XXX] and SAE and aims to offer talented students the opportunity to study at SAE. This will be accomplished by undertaking the following activities:

●     Two students from [XXX] per calendar year will be eligible to apply for a scholarship of £3,000 deducted from the total cost of SAE’s undergraduate degree;

●     The scholarship will be advertised and opened to all Level 3 students within the [XXX]’s student community;

●     [XXX] will recommend two students per year for this scholarship who will apply via UCAS, as well as submit a personal portfolio and personal statement;

●     [XXX] will communicate the details of these students directly to SAE.


SAE will offer [XXX] the following opportunities:

●     The chance to visit one of our campuses as a group for a special workshop in a chosen field (Gaming, Animation, Film, Audio, Music Business, Web Development);

●     A master class or workshop given by industry tutors hosted at [XXX];

●     Special invitations to our industry workshops hosted on SAE campuses across the UK.


The Director of Recruitment at SAE, in consultation with [XXX], will review this MOU annually to ensure that the agreement is working for both parties.


This MOU is a rolling agreement and may be modified by mutual consent of authorised officials from [XXX] and SAE. This MOU shall become effective upon signature by the authorised officials from [XXX] and will remain in effect until modified by mutual consent; or terminated by either party.

Scholarship application process

1.       [XXX] will communicate to the details (name, course of interest, campus of interest, email and telephone number) of the eligible student no later than three months preceding the start date for SAE’s undergraduate degrees, which commence in January, May and September.

2.       A member of the recruitment team will contact the eligible student directly to discuss requirements:

a.       The student must complete a UCAS application;

b.       The student must submit a portfolio (see below) and extended personal statement to SAE directly. This must answer the following question: Why I want to pursue a career in the creative industry;

c.       The scholarship will depend on the quality of the application AND the academic requirements being met via UCAS;

d.       Provided conditions are met, the scholarship of £3,000 will be deducted from course fees over the period of two years. £1,500 will be deducted from the yearly course fees full payment of £9,000, or final instalment whichever is sooner. The student is responsible for Student Loan Payments and the balance.

3.       SAE will aim to inform the student of the outcome of the scholarship within a timely period.

Conditions of scholarship

1.       If a student does not pass each module, as per the educational guidelines upon entry, SAE reserves the right to review the continuation of the scholarship.

2.       Scholarships are awarded with the understanding that students must commence their studies within the year of the scholarship being offered, unless there are reasonable extenuating circumstances related to the student in question.

3.       If no student is eligible from [XXX] in a given year, the scholarship will not be awarded for that year and may not be rolled over to the following year.

*Portfolio guidelines

The following should be used to provide guidance around the portfolio submission:

The portfolio is a demonstration of the student’s creative ability and a statement of their work

It should reflect the theme, subject matter or association to the course the student is wishing to pursue e.g., a film project for Digital Film Production, an audio mix for Audio Production.

Formats include: JPEG, MOV, MP3, MPEG. Applicants are encouraged to also upload work to YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr. All work should also be submitted together, with the personal statement.