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Special Educational Needs

All Students are welcome to apply to Homewood for a place and we have an excellent record of admitting Students with a range of disabilities, including visual and hearing impairments, brittle bones and Down’s syndrome.

There is a very close liaison with feeder Schools often over a period of several years before a child is due to be admitted to Homewood. The relevant attached Governor, Vice Principal and Director of Special Needs are involved in planning for the Students’ needs and work closely with parents/carers.

Further details can be found in a number of our policies, including Accessibility, Equal Opportunities, Special needs and Admissions, all of which are scrutinized and where necessary updated and discussed by the Governing body each year.

The Team

We have a team of very experienced Learning Support Assistants, who support the most vulnerable children in the classrooms - including vocational programmes at Key Stage 4, where appropriate.

SEN Policy

Our policy is updated as necessary every year. We have a renowned SEN department which has expertise in a number of areas and our Governing body takes an active interest in our work in this area. Our attached Governor attends meetings with our Staff where relevant and the Governors and Staff are updated on the academic progress of all our SEN Students every year. Progress of these Students is also part of many of our Staff’s Performance Management targets. Changes in the last year have included an increase in the provision of extra tuition for those Year 7 Students who are not achieving level 4 in Maths and English. In addition to extra timetabled lessons in Literacy and Numeracy we also offer Literacy Progress sessions and extra input during the mentoring period. The success of these sessions is constantly been evaluated and parents/carers are kept informed of progress via letters home as well as termly reports.

Student Development Centre

This centre is there to provide additional support structures for particular areas of needs such as Students with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

Key Skills

Our Key Skills groups in Years 7 and 8 are smaller classes with an intense focus on developing Literacy, Numeracy and self-confidence within a highly differentiated National Curriculum framework. Key Skills in Year 10 and 11 are smaller groups in place of 1 and 2 option blocks. These groups focus on further development of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT as well as a range of skills for life.

The Dyslexia Friendly School

Homewood’s objectives are to raise awareness of the needs of Students with SpLD/Dyslexia in the classroom and to share good practice. We hope to increase the range of strategies and resources that staff can use to make the classroom more ‘dyslexia friendly’.

Within our team we also have staff who are fully qualified in Dyslexic Screening Testing. This allows Students who are ‘at risk of dyslexia’ to be identified.

At Key Stage 3, Students who have Specific Learning Difficulties/dyslexia are offered a place on the Touch Type Reading Spelling (TTRS) programme. As well as improving word-processing and keyboard skills, this also has been shown to improve spelling ability.