Upcoming Events


The Farm is an educational facility used by the schools popular Young Farmers Club who work towards yearly shows and events. Teaching pupils about Environmental and Conservation issues the farm also incorporates Science, Geography, English and Maths subjects when using the facilities. The Farm is also open to the community, for educational or pleasure visits and on open days such as the popular lambing days in the spring.


Students and staff are encouraged to make good use of all KICC facilities. We are open before and after school to offer help with homework and to issue resources.

The KICC operates a 'Wish List' scheme which means staff and students can request items for the shelves. There are regular exciting competitions, a 'Book' or 'Author' of the month recommendation from students, a mechanism for students and staff to review books and films and a monthly Newsletter posted on the website.

The KICC works closely with teachers and is regularly involved in holding author events, creative writing days, History Mystery mornings, Events for Primary School students and other exciting projects.

Media Centre

In October 2009, a new and exciting partnership between Canon and Homewood School delivered a state-of-the-art Media Centre. This centre transformed the traditional relationship between reprographics technologies and the learner. The Media Centre also re-defined the deployment of associate staff, promoting the transfer of skills and knowledge between staff and students.

The Canon Media Centre continues to develop and is having observable impact on the progress and achievement of students. This partnership project is helping to develop Canon's understanding of the changing needs of the education sector and has promoted cross-organisation planning and development.


Home Farm Children's Nursery is a friendly, caring and secure environment, where all children have fun learning through exciting and challenging programmes of activity and high quality play; where professional staff work with families to nurture each child's potential and develop their self confidence and personal self esteem for life.

Service Centre

Technology is part of our daily lives and increasingly how we work, learn and communicate with each other, and is greatly influenced by the systems, applications and processes we deliver.... We understand that all our users lead busy lifestyles and may not have the time to spend implementing and supporting their technology. With this in mind, we strive to be the best in what we do, every time we do it, for everyone we do it for.

Sinden Theatre

The Sinden Theatre is located within the grounds of Homewood School and is at the heart of the Arts College.

Opened in 2004, the 231 seat venue is named after its patron, actor and local resident, Sir Donald Sinden CBE.

The theatre was created from a pre-existing school hall when Homewood achieved Arts College status in 2003, enabling funds to be made available for the year-long conversion to take place. The Sinden provides facilities for both the school, which has a strong Performing Arts Department, and for a wider audience in its role as a professional receiving theatre serving The Weald and south-east Kent.

Traded Services Portfolio

Homewood School provides a wide range of services, both to it's students, staff, the local Kent cluster, and to the public. Our experience and expertise in a wide range of areas are associated with education, giving us a unique and competitive edge.