Chromebook FAQ

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When can we collect the Chromebook?

We are in the process of handing out Chromebooks to our new Year 7 students right now! We have three handout dates scheduled - Wednesday 16th August, Thursday 17th August and Tuesday 22nd August. You don't need an appointment, so come in (with your Direct Debit confirmation) to get started. If you are unable to make one of these dates, we will also be handing out devices during the start of the term. We will make information available about appointments closer to the start of term.

More information on the e-Learning Scheme can be found here, and to access the online Direct Debit page, please read here.

Resetting your password

The default password for your Chromebook/Realsmart account can be reset. Once you log into the realsmart launchpad ( click Edit Profile at the bottom. You can change your password here. Please note that it may take up to an hour for the Chromebook to notify you of a change. Once it does you'll need to click the Sync Error notification and log into your account using the new password. You may need to provide your original password, too.

Do I need Antivirus protection?

Nope! The Chromebooks run an Operating System called ChromeOS. This has built-in virus protection that scans and verifies each file you download.

I can't install any apps!

We're in the process of setting up the Chrome Web Store to contain a curated list of apps usable at the school. Once we've fully configured this, we'll open up access to the Web Store for all devices.

We're also waiting for the Android App Store to become available on our devices. Once this is available we will be creating a similar store for the school, which will then be opened up for all devices too.

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