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Hello to you all, welcome to the Media department's web page. In this area of the website you will find all that you need to know about the subjects we offer. If you are under the umbrella of this department you will be studying Media Studies, Film Studies or Communication and Culture. All of the subjects we offer are linked by their connection to the mass media and the forms of communication that are recognisable from this area of society. Any of the subjects that we offer will have been chosen in part because of an interest in TV, Film or the printed platforms that we all often encounter. If you are studying the media or film we hope-you will be recognising the subjects we offer as a combination of creative but also academic subjects with a rich opportunity for research and development of individual interests.

If any student takes the subjects the department offers, whilst we cannot guarantee a job as a journalist, TV producer or filmmaker at the end of the study process, we can certainly advise and suggest areas to be developed further.

To help with all of the study areas we have supplied a number of links to websites that have proven to be very useful in the past. You can access general areas such as the subject websites from the exam board but also some websites that have been used by past students.

Soon you will also find some examples of moving image pieces produced within the department and some of the extra curricular work our students have taken part in. Enjoy your visit and return whenever you want.

M Oakes
Principal Teacher Media Studies
Homewood School