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Creativity reigns supreme - whether you're starring on stage, creating on canvas, motivating with music, a wonderous wordsmith or an aspiring athlete, our college will prepare you to become the best of the best!

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Teachers within the department are passionately committed to increasing opportunities and raising the achievements of all learners, by developing their communication skills through a wide range of enjoyable and participatory activities. We strongly believe that this aim is best served by offering a varied diet of speaking and listening, reading and writing activities. In English lessons, learners might encounter texts in a range of forms, examine and discuss key features of these and use their investigations to inform their own creative writing. Moreover, our learners are able to develop their literacy and enjoyment of literature through a variety of creative approaches including role play, drama, independent research and the utilisation of new technologies. We believe that this integrated approach enables learners to develop as confident speakers, listeners, readers and writers.

Our enthusiastic and professional approach to teaching and learning has yielded GCSE and A-Level results which compare favourably within the school, the county and when compared to other similar schools. The fact that students at Homewood enjoy English (many selecting to continue studying the subject beyond compulsory education) and achieve to a high standard is a source of departmental pride.