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We offer BTEC Acting and A Level Theatre Studies. Our most successful graduates have often immersed themselves in both strands to give them as much Drama experience as possible before moving on to further study, but either option alone will also offer a pathway into the Drama world at University, in an apprenticeship or in the career.


The A-Level seeks to further develop and refine students’ understanding of Drama and the written word through practical exploration and study of texts. The topics covered are below:

Year One

Introduction to course

Set Text

Analysis of live production seen

Performance of a …….

Year Two

Set Text: Pre Twentieth Century

Sext Text: Post- Twentieth Century

Composition and performance of a devised piece

Vocational Acting

The BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma in Acting allows the students…..

  • Street Theatre
  • Theatre for Children
  • Variety Performance
  • Musical Theatre Performance
  • Final Major Project- Students work as a team to produce and perform their own show night putting into use and further refining through experience their business, performance and devising skills.

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