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Drama at Key Stage Three is delivered in a termly rotation with Dance.

We teach set skills in each term but the focus of the topic can change from year to year depending on our colleagues around the school. Where possible we will link a unit skills base to create an overall project that links us to other departments. Past examples of this have been the Evacuation Project for ‘Final Project’ in partnership with the History department which culminated in a daytrip with both departments and all of year eight as evacuees on the Tenterden Steam Train and ‘Graffiti’ with the Art Department, a unit which focused on establishing the solo character of the graffiti artist whilst studying ‘Street Art’ in their Art lessons.

Despite the flexibility in topics, the skills covered each term remain the same and are as follows:

Narration and Storytelling

This covers an introduction to performance skills, basic Drama technique in character building and confidence building tasks.

Improvisation and Devising

This unit builds on the confidence gained in the previous term and encourages students to take more risks, whilst teaching them in more depth how to build a play, taking them through the Devising Process.

Stock Characters and Commedia Dell ‘Arte

This unit begins to give students a sense of the importance of context whilst developing their character building skills using accessible examples of established theatrical figures.

Stage Combat and Physical Theatre

This unit begins to work on the physicality of theatre whilst further building discipline and relationships built on mutual respect.

Final Project

This unit allows the students the freedom to put all of their skills together into a performance of their creation. This encourages teamwork, a sense of achievement and creative thinking. Frameworks are put in place to support the students and the focus is on preparing for performance with performance opportunities in the summer term.