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Drama has a key role to play in the personal and social development of our pupils. The ethos of the Drama Department here at Homewood School and Sixth Form Centre is to offer a safe and secure environment where pupils can develop their self-esteem and sense of responsibility through working with others in exploring creative themes. In doing so, pupils gain confidence and refine their skills in the communication of ideas and feelings which are of huge benefit in their personal lives and future careers, where communication and interpersonal skills play an important role. 

Drama at Homewood thrives not just in school but also in the local and national community. It is important in such a demanding and competitive profession that the students focus is not only on enjoying their education, but also on preparing for careers. In this sense the department prides itself on providing a variety of community opportunities for the students to help build their portfolio and work with a variety of business and charitable agencies. This could involve anything from creating workshops for local primary schools to performing Theatre in Education at Leeds Castle, from producing a Shakespeare based street production to performing at the O2 in London all the way to broadcasting for the BBC from the Beijing Olympics. When it comes to the performing arts based career choices we encourage students to be literate in agency options, resilient enough for auditions and smart enough to ensure they take advantage of the additional qualifications that will provide them with more varied work opportunities whilst they are auditioning.

We have worked very hard over the last ten years to build up a reputation for excellence, professionalism and enjoyment in Drama and the results are clear to see in the achievement of our students. We are very proud of Drama here at Homewood and invite you to explore further using the links.

Many thanks,

Mrs Fullerton

Principal Teacher for Drama