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Here at Homewood, we, being an Arts College, Teach many Performing Arts subjects to our students.

Our aim is to release the creativity of our students, whilst simultaneously boosting their confidence and people skills.


We have two well equipped mirrored, sprung floor dance studios, one of which we are starting work on refurbishing into a studio theatre.

The dance department offers a range of courses and extra-curricular activities to suit all interests and abilities. At KS3 students enjoy dance as a part of the Performing Arts curriculum. At KS4 students can choose between GCSE with the Sports UK Certificate in Dance Leadership and the vocational BTEC Extended Certificate, this will lead students to follow the BTEC National and/or AS Level in the Sixth Form. Although courses are majority practical they are enhanced by analysis work of students own work and professional work.

We feel it is important to supplement the practical work we carry out at school with regular trips both locally and to London to see professional work. Students who continue their dance studies beyond Homewood have embarked on degrees courses and are now teaching or working in a dance related professions. We have two very successful students who now dance for Matthew Bourne and Scottish National Ballet.

We have two thriving companies, InTo SHIFT, our junior company is open to all students in years 7 – 10, at present they have performed at various venues across the South East and embarked on projects inspired by musicals, the gun powder plot and of course our annual performance. Our senior and gifted and talented students are invited to SHIFT Dance Company. This year they have been involved in a variety of projects including producing a site specific dance film with the Sounds New Festival.

The department holds an Annual Performance in December that aims to celebrate the dance work of students from across the school. This is supported throughout the year by termly sharings of work that allow students’ friends and family to see the work they have been completing in class.



intoSHIFT Dance Company

Tuesday 3.30pm-5.00pm (D12 Dance Studio)

This club is open to both male and female students of all year groups and abilities. This club aims to improve technical and physical skills by starting each rehearsal with 30 minutes of technique and develop student’s creative skills but learning and developing movement material to create pieces for the Annual dance performances

SHIFT Dance Company

Thursday 3.30pm-5.00pm (D12 Dance Studio)

This club is aimed at our gifted and talented students to extend and challenge their dance performance skills and develop their choreographic ability. Students are invited to be part of this company if they show a particular talent and commitment to the subject.  The company take part in a range of dance performances both in and out of school.

Homewood Allstars Cheerleading

Senior level 1 team

Tuesday 3.30pm-5.30pm (Gym)

To be part of this team students should be in years 8-13 and must attend ‘try outs’ at the beginning of the academic year. If they are successful in gaining a place on the team they work hard to develop their tumbling, dance, jumps and stunting ability before competing in regional, national and European competitions.

Youth level 1 team

Thursday 3.30pm-5.30pm (Gym)

This team is for year 7 students only; the team works hard in developing all aspects of cheerleading before competing in regional and national competitions at the end of the academic year.